Poppy Odeletta Possum:

A 23-year old opossum mother with super strength, thick skin, and a serious case of thunder thighs. Likes collecting socks, despite not wearing shoes. She’s not particularly educated, but she has her rare moments of cleverness.

Lily Possum:

Poppy’s 2-year old daughter. Curious to a fault, and likes causing trouble and telling lies when her mom isn’t looking. Lily is very intelligent for her age, and picks up on things most people won’t notice.

Petunia Quibble:

The ever-stressed mayor’s assistant, also the ever-stressed mayor’s daughter. If something in Eggton breaks, she makes it her job to get it fixed. Good at pep-talks, organization, and beatboxing. Is much faster with her hands than one would expect.

Mr. Alvus Quibble:

The Mayor of Eggton, Petunia’s father. Legally founded and owns the entire village, and serves as its landlord. Used to be the adventurous type, but his bad back has left him less mobile. Grew a mustache to hide a scar he doesn’t like talking about.

Hallia Haha:

A canary, technically Mr. Quibble’s original assistant. She was demoted to “assistant’s assistant” when they didn’t have the heart to replace her outright. Don’t ask about the name.

Sister Mary Moonshine:

A very crass woman pretending to be a disciple of the Church of the Mothers of Magic. Drinks a lot, smokes a lot, isn’t picky about who she flirts with, and is generally just a bad influence on kids. Unsurprisingly, the most popular character by a tremendous margin. There’s something lurking underneath that one-track of mind of hers, though….

Howard “Miss” Shiba:

Fashion designer/professional drag queen. Owner of the Shiboutique, an internationally famous crossdresser-staffed fashion boutique. Kind of a big deal.