“That’s just chuckin’ typical, isn’t it?”

THAT’S IT FOR STORY 2, FOLKS, if you’re wondering why today’s update is so late, it’s because I spent two days of this week working on a painting for the upcoming art show I’m participating in, which I’m very happy to post a current Work-In-Progress for.


So, Poppy’s going to be going on a break until a week into March at the latest, while I work full-time on finishing art for the show, but until then, I’ll try to make sure there’s a guest update every Monday and Friday.

If you’d like to submit guest work, just throw me a line at morbi@poppy-opossum.com. So long as it’s appropriate for general audiences, I’m pretty open to anything.

I hope everyone has a nice month, and I’m really excited to start Poppy 3 as soon as possible!